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I know a lot of us have our own special way of addressing anger, and the Bible has told us so many things concerning anger as well. So, I went on a brief investigation with some adults to find out how best they address anger. I simply asked what their default response(s) were when they got angry. The survey showed me one thing, which is, a lot of adults think alike.

Take a look at some answers I got from them:

Adult 1: When I am angry, I cry, shout or just walk away to keep my cool.

Adult 2: I just keep quiet to relax myself and then I address the issue at hand.

Adult 3: It depends on the issue at hand and the person/people involved. I’ll just walk away, keep quiet or I’ll just keep talking till I am tired of talking.

Adult 4: Wow! What do I do when I am angry? I simply say my opinion or I keep quiet or I transfer the aggression. When I get angry, it’s not a good sight at all.

Adult 5: I’ll shout or walk away and then speak the Word of God to relax myself.

Adult 6: I’ll just count 1-10 and then think of every beautiful place I want to go or have been to.

So you see, every claim made by each adult explains that everyone has diverse ways of reacting when they are angry, but the common factor in all their replies is their ability to suppress anger. Without holding back anything, I would like to let you know that the best way to react when you are angry is to address it from the source and then deal with it from the Word of God.

Stay Blessed!


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