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We are just right here in the month of February, just a month away into the New Year. But, the year is still fresh. So, to the teenagers all over the world I am wishing you a Happy New Year!

My news to you this day is just a reminder of the word for the year “spreading”. I am sure most people have returned to school while others I trust are doing something great. I urge you to keep at it!

I am in school and it appears as though things are getting tough but hey! I have got the Holy Spirit who is giving me instructions on things to do each year. Be conscious of this because the Lord has so much in store for us.

Lots of things have been happening, several testimonies and miracles but I’ll get to share some with you later but, I have to go now; I have a class in 20 minutes. I miss you all very much!

May the Lord bless and keep you this year; you will spread and shine brightly all year longin Jesus Name. Amen.

Much Love!



0 #5 pkel 2016-03-25 19:25
Hello guys!

Have you seen and downloaded the latest?

It's the teeVo2go app now available and it's a must-have for every teenager!

Download it today from the Google play store or Apple Store and get a free e-version of the April edition of TeeVo!

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Hurry...let's go chatting!
+1 #4 pkel 2016-02-29 11:19
@Zoe. Where are you spreading to? For me I' m spreading to every man's world.
+1 #3 Zoe Awesomeness 2016-02-29 07:55
+1 #2 pkel 2016-02-27 22:27
Hoping to make some real good friends here.

Thank you Pastor for creating this platform for us to reach our world and the works at large.

Dubi, u want to make a suggestion please.

Each time we post our comment can we just add our location with the #tag? Example: #Lagoszone5 Nigeria.

So, that we all can know where we are all posting our comments from. I think it's a good idea.

What do you think?
0 #1 pkel 2016-02-27 13:11
Wow!!! Good to hear from you once more. Wish we could just keep reading your post often.

Happy New Year

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