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    • You can’t give what you don’t have; what you have is what you are.
    • Character is the simple expression of the content in you.
    • Life is a bed of roses; beautiful and elegant to those who see and believe it.

Stay Blessed!



There were times when I argued with people about the reality of Jesus and His Words, but I had never seen people who doubted the existence of God before. One day, I and some friends went on an outreach, inviting people for a church programme. We went to this police barracks, and just before we got to the peak of our outing, I sighted one of us in the team, having this long conversation with someone she was trying to invite. I walked over and asked what was going on. To my great shock, the guy said, “Your friend is wasting her time, I do not believe in this God she’s talking about. I won’t come for your programme and neither will my friends. WE ARE ATHEISTS!” Before I could even utter a word, his friend, a girl, came and hurriedly pulled him away.


Let me start by saying this: if you want to get something done for God, waste no time about it. My first outreach was at Ebute-Metta Primary School, in Lagos, Nigeria. This wasn’t the first time I was going for an outreach or being part of an outreach, this was the first time I planned one and held it. Trust me; I didn’t do it alone. A very young friend of mine by name Sophia Osian was with me.