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Good morning to you all!!!

There's something i've been noticing for quite some time now, and the first place I thought to share it is here. I hope i'm not the only one noticing this!!! Have you noticed it as well??  Time is moving so fast! A day starts and ends like it never even started. These days, time runs out in a day like a leopard. Then i realize that time is running out because it has to and we must run with time.

OMG guys!!!

OMG Guys!

I have not been around for a while and I am really sorry, I hope my apology has been accepted.  Frankly speaking I am so glad that I have a lot of friends to ride this train of fun with me (we are all in this together…#singing).

To start with, I hope you all have been enjoying yourselves. Have I been enjoying myself?? I guess so; there are a lot of things that have happened to me since the last time I dropped a word with you guys and I cannot wait to share.

Hey Guys!

How great is this! I get to share my thoughts with you guys tell you all the tiny tiny lil things that make me Dubbie. Just to give you heads up guys, this blog is going to be like my diary so I hope you’re ready for this. Believe me it’s going to be so worth it cos I’ve come across so many things in my 17 years in this side of the world and I’ve done so many things too lol. So check me every day to see what I’ve been up to and please buzz me in the comment box anytime. Hoping to make some real great friends here. Ciao!