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Living That Exemplary Lifestyle

I was thinking of how best to pass this message across to you all, so I decided to just give bullet points. Enjoy! Here are my tips to living that exemplary lifestyle,

  • You need to identify who you are-from the word of God
  • You believe the Word and keep it in mind all the time
  • You trust the Word and know that this is your identity and it would never fail you
  • Finally, act accordingly- do the Word, do you

My Take On Education

I have met several people that say education is not for them, they don’t like school and just want to go into music or something else but this is my take and I know that it would bless someone. To be very empathetic on this, I would say that I understand where you are coming from. Maybe you are in school for the wrong reason(s) or you’re just not enjoying what you’re doing. Maybe, your teachers are so annoying and you just don’t want to be in school or maybe you find it hard to comprehend what you’re being taught. It’s okay, and Dubi gets it.


Why do you do the things you do? Why are you answering your name? Why do you love to sing? Why do you play so much? Why are you in school? Heck! Why are you even a Christian?

To provide answers to questions as these is one of the most difficult things to do in life. I realized as a growing teenager that the things we run away from are the things that kinda matter most. I realized that you need to face these questions and get your life in the direction you want it to be in the next few years.

My Song of the Year!!!

Meditating on the right words this year is only but the first step to activating what God has prepared for each of us. I know the posts are a little serious this time, but they are necessary. You cannot joke with your life and your future. So I have a little task for everyone, download the song “this year” by IsraelStrong.

Every day I meditate on these words and see my life heading in the direction of greatness, prosperity, glory, joy, victory. What more could I ask for to spread this year?



Good morning to you all!!!

There's something i've been noticing for quite some time now, and the first place I thought to share it is here. I hope i'm not the only one noticing this!!! Have you noticed it as well??  Time is moving so fast! A day starts and ends like it never even started. These days, time runs out in a day like a leopard. Then i realize that time is running out because it has to and we must run with time.

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