Dubis bits


You know, a lot of time has passed and a lot of things have happened in our lives, but God’s love keeps us going. I, personally, have come to that place of grace, fresh life, a new beginning and all these are the outcome of God’s love for me. He made the hugest sacrifice anyone could ever make, in expressing and proving the love He has for me and you.

The question now is, what more are you looking for?


There is always a point in your quest for victory when you need to do the exact opposite of what the mind thinks, to get your miracle.

To energise means to stimulate; to cause to be alert and energetic; to rise to a higher level of energy (2 Timothy1:6)

Hey, even if it didn't work before now, it would work soon. For there's victory in the air because the Word has gone forth.


Not all Christians have good character and attitude, especially the youth of this generation, because of the world’s influence. There are bad things in the world today that have been acceptable in the eyes of the society but not in the eyes of our Deity. One of the examples of these social vices is allowing same sex marriage which we know is not acceptable to the law of heaven. That’s why as a youth, what can you do to have that good influence to others? The answer is simple, it should start in you. You need to develop a good character and attitude of being a good Christian youth before you can influence other people or other youths.

Here are some of the good characters that you can develop.


What’s up guys? I just got a simple acronym for my whole message today. It sounds a little funny but it goes either way. I love biscuits and I know a lot of us do but if you don’t, it doesn’t matter, you would love these biscuits that I would give you. So, chew on these biscuits and you will digest greatness in life and in every circumstance.